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Floor Coating Services Nashville, TN

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

We work with an array of general contractors, home builders, and more, all offering the highest quality in workmanship and professionalism.


Our Nashville floor preparation experts will make sure that your job is set up for success from the very first step. We ensure that the foundation of your project will be exactly what is required for your final result to be everything you ever dreamed. You can rest assured your floor coating services with Best Tech will exceed your expectations and give you something worth cherishing for years to come. Residential, industrial, commercial—all applications can benefit from our expertise and industry-leading techniques. Look no further than Best Tech when you need floor solutions in Nashville and the surrounding areas.  


As Middle Tennessee's go-to epoxy flooring company, we specialize in providing tough, durable epoxy floors to both residential and commercial clients. Our professional team of commercial floor coating contractors work diligently to install long-term, durable floors that are tough enough to stand up to all kinds of traffic patterns.  


Most of our epoxy installs are paint chip epoxy for residential garage floors. This is one of the most popular options when it comes to garage floor resurfacing due to its durability, anti-slip texture, and curb appeal. Paint chip epoxy however is not limited to residential garages. We frequently install these floors in government buildings, warehouses, and more. Suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

While paint chip epoxy is the frontrunner in epoxy floors, we also offer urethane cement, quartz broadcast, metallic epoxy, and more.

Our polished concrete service entails a multi-step process to ensure the most flawless concrete flooring possible. The final product has the same finish as polished marble, resulting in a nearly indestructible, low-maintenance yet stylish flooring option. In addition to our polishing, we offer staining services so that you can add warmth and color to your existing dingy and discolored concrete.

We are your trusted source for polished concrete and epoxy floor coating contractors in Middle Tennessee, Nashville, and the surrounding areas. Contact our team at Best Tech Coatings today to get started bringing your flooring solutions to life with our advanced techniques and superior customer service. We look forward to collaborating with you!  

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