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Quartz Broadcast Floor Nashville, TN

Quartz Broadcast Flooring is in the same realm as Epoxy Flake when it comes to look and functionality, with a few added benefits. And here at Best Tech Coatings, we strive to offer our customers the industry’s most advanced solutions, featuring premium materials and superior services regardless of project demands. We work diligently to ensure high customer satisfaction rates and successful quartz flooring installations in all residential and commercial applications.

Instead of epoxy’s typically smooth finish, broadcast epoxy has a textured feel that provides a slip-resistant walking surface. This is especially helpful in environments that tend to have wet floors, such as athletic locker rooms, parking garages, or manufacturing plants that have frequent spills.

Broadcast quartz may be chosen for its beauty as well as its functionality. Both epoxy coatings and crushed quartz are available in many colors, and they can be combined to create a variety of color options, from subtle neutrals to bold jewel tones. Regardless of your design concept and exact application, our floor coating experts here at Best Tech Coatings can provide a quartz broadcast floor that not only improves the functionality of your space but elevates the atmosphere with comfort, professionalism, or any other aesthetic you’re looking to achieve. 

And of course, broadcast epoxy floors have all of the other benefits of regular epoxy flooring, including:

  • Strong resistance to abrasions, scratches, and chipping

  • Resistance to stains from oils and chemicals

  • Ease of cleaning (Liquids stay on top of the surface rather than seeping through.)

  • Longevity (With the proper application, a coating may last up to a decade.)

Look no further than Best Tech Coatings for all your broadcast quartz flooring in Nashville, Middle Tennessee, and the surrounding areas. We look forward to partnering with you for solutions your space deserves! 



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